Inner YOU Health and Fitness

Inner You Health and fitness was created to assist individuals to better understand themselves.

Inner YOU health & fitness provides personal training, and health coaching services to individuals and or groups in all ages and fitness levels. When beginning to work with a personal trainer the best place to start is to set an initial set of goals. Inner YOU health & fitness performs what we call the Fit-test which is a series of tests and measurements to assess strength and aerobic capacity. The measurements are used to assist us in creating a set of baselines for your individualized plan. For example: Do I really want to lose 10lbs or do I want to build more muscle mass, or should I work on building my cardiovascular endurance and reduce inches and body fat percentage. Often following the Fit-test the participant will modify their goals based on an underestimation of their abilities or more commonly lack of knowledge of their own weight, inches or even strength and true fitness levels. Setting goals is an ongoing process which should also help in the modification of the plan created. When you are setting goals, set both short term goals and long term goals, each person will have to define what short term and long term means to them.

In addition to personal training we provide group fitness and education classes with our specialty being Circuit training and Boot camp type courses. These sessions are less specialized than personal training and are designed for groups of four or more, and are typically a bit more intense over the duration of the session.

Inner YOU health & fitness is interested in your health and fitness goals and work with you to provide the best service and training for you.

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Inner YOU health & fitness provides personal training, and health coaching services to individuals and or groups in all ages and fitness levels. We have the ability to provide exercise opportunities in a variety of non-traditional workout environments, such as classrooms, churches, conference rooms, offices. No matter what the environment or the goals, we will make this a safe, rewarding and individualized fitness experience.


Training rates vary based on location, necessary travel, and duration of session.

Initial Fitness Assessment
$50 standard pricing
(Weights, measurements, goal assessment, workout planning)
30 minute sessions
pricing begins at $30
(per individual)
60 minute sessions
pricing begins begin at $50
(per individual),
2 or more individuals $40
Training packages available
call for pricing
Health Coaching-online training
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Group health and fitness challenges
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Team Bootcamps
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What is YOUr Body Type?

There are three main body types:

  • Endomorph
    As an endomorph my greatest concern is keeping a manageable weight, and losing fat. As with the other body types the key is consistency. Strength training and a variety cardio have been my greatest assets. Another great resource has been finding healthy and low fat foods, I liked and healthier ways of cooking.

  • Mesomorph
    A mesomorph is the body type most of us view as naturally fit. These individuals need to have a strong strength training program and good balance with their eating and cardio as well. If this is not maintained this person will notice a paunch or trouble areas which make their body to appear disproportioned. This body type is able to gain muscle and tone quite easily. This is the body type I am most envious of because their workouts are usually in maintenance mode while I am working to keep from “rounding out”. Once again staying active is key and performing a variety of activities will keep you engaged and happy with the progress and the workouts.

  • Ectomorph
    In America currently there are fewer ectomorphs than there have been in the past fifty years. Most ectomorphs are concerned with weight gain and their ability to maintain a low body fat, and adequate lean muscle mass. As with other body types strength training and cardio are very important. However, the focus is not at the same level or intensity as the endomorphs and the mesomorphs. This body type should consume more calories while maintaining the balance with their workouts in an effort to maintain an appropriate weight and fitness level.

    With all of these body types eating a balance diet and plenty of fruits and vegetables is key. One healthy habit to follow is eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in season. You will notice there is excellent variety and great flavor. Drink plenty of water and don’t drink your daily calories through soft drinks.